LED Solar Street lights

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Did you know?

LEDSolar Street lights are often confused with LED street lights? The only difference being the solar!

Just Lights specializes in Solar Powered Street Lights and Solar Powered Moon Lights

While Solar Street lights are an ideal illumination for parking lots, long driveways, private area”s including back yards,  that have not previously been wired for lighting, installing LED Street lights is an efficient way to replace current incandescent or halogen bulbs already installed on an existing pole.  Therefore many cities, towns, shopping plaza’s and private property owners are switching from halogen bulbs to LED.

Although the encasement for all street lights comes in a variety of size, shape and color, the input voltage is usually either 12/24 VDC or 110/220 VAC. The typical traits of LED (Light Emitting Diode) bulbs is to:

  1. Illuminate at a much cheaper cost.
  2. Illuminate at a much lower temperature.
  3. Illuminate for a much longer time frame.

Sunny areas and warm climates also benefit from these lights as a cheap source of illumination for farms, grow ops, well and water pumping, special events during dusk hours, illuminating boardwalks, docs, and all other hard to apply areas that require large amounts of wiring, burying cable,  or loss or insufficient electrical power. Other specialized LED lighting includes full spectrum for growing plants and vegetables. Many marijuana grow operation facilities now purchase LED full spectrum lighting to compliment their grow operations usually also environmentally based or short term, “green product”.

Just Lights has LED Lighting Solutions for most Every Situation

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