LED Lighting is Ideal for

LED Street lights​

Residential, Commercial & Industrial applications

Incandescent Lighting (the ones we have used for eons) are cheap to buy but not as efficient as other types.

Compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs)  – those spiral bulbs – consume a quarter of the energy that incandescent bulbs do and last 10 times longer.   But . . CFLs contain trace amounts of mercury, a harmful substance &  care needs to be taken to prevent breakage & with disposal.

Halogen bulbs are a variation of the Incandescent bulb but are much more expensive and much hotter to the touch

Light Emitting Diodes (or LEDs)  are a lighting technology that is
long-lasting and extremely energy-efficient.

This would be the best choice for most applications
because of its versatility, efficiency, & cost effectiveness

Lighting made easy

Lighting made easy

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